14:00 Welcome and Introduction by Theresa Schubert

14:15 Opening lecture by Hans-Günther Döbereiner

Mind of Mold and Man

15:00 Panel 1: Manipulating Nature – Introducing Bioart

William Myers: The Gnawing Invisible

Ursula Damm: Shared experiences

17:00 Panel 2: Calculating Life – Speculating on Nature

Michael Dirnberger: Computing inspired by P. polycephalum

Agi Haines: The body dismantled


11:00 Panel 3: Transcending Genera

Martin Grube: Slime molds as versatile model organisms for natural sciences

Maja Smrekar: Hybrid Family – On becoming animal through a live practice

13:00 Panel 4: The (Non-)Living – Relational Ethics and Post-human Dumpsites

Laura Benitez: Biomaterials, Nomadic Subjectivity and Agency

Dani Ploeger: Dead Devices as Material Force: the organic world of electronic waste

14:30 Closing lecture – Suzanne Anker

Life In the Bio Art Lab: Piercing the Divide

15:30 Round-up discussion

Inoculum – performances

Retired Cybernetic Organism #2 by Dani Ploeger

Dani Ploegers work was presented as a lecture-performance: He drew his blood, installed it on a chip and powered up the CPU whilst discussing cyborg bodies and waste.

Non-Human Rhythms featuring Physarum by Interspecifics collective (MX)

For this live act the performers used »The Energy Bending Lab«, an instrument comprised of a set of custom-built modular synthesizers and transduction tools that created a real-time sonification of the electric properties found in Physarum Polycephalum.

Inoculum – exhibition

Each speaker was invited to bring along an object that is important for his/her research and relevant to the talk. Thus there was a concrete and tangible manifestation of the spoken presentations and performances in the space that remained to be seen for the duration of the event. The chosen objects ranged from a custom-built growth chamber for Physarum, to drawings, photographs or artificial flesh. Additionally documentation of artistic experiments from the PhyChip-project were on display.